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Fire Protection

Fire Protection

Intergrated Security Solutions offers a design, installation and maintenance service for both conventional and analogue addressable fire alarm systems, meeting all current British and European Standards.

Providing a wide variety of Fire alarm systems, designed to protect your building whatever the size and layout, we can offer a variety of solutions, including extinguishing systems, emergency lighting and wireless systems.

Typically, fire systems start with a simple single zone panel tailored to protect small premises such as a shop or industrial unit.

Larger systems are available to cover multiple zones, for example the protection of an industrial unit, school or multiple occupancy residence. 24-hour monitoring of fire alarm systems can include Redcare, which provides automatic response in the event of fire alarm activation. This facility is linked to our central station which advises the relevant fire authority immediately. All of our fire panels comply with all British and European Standards.

Fire Detection Systems

For reliable and effective detection of fires, we can install systems to protect your property, assets and life by detecting fires at the earliest stage. Professionally installed fire detection systems allow more time to evacuate and/or control the fire, reducing potential damage.

Conventional Systems

In many smaller premises or properties, where the building layout is relatively uncomplicated, a simple "conventional" system that warns of a problem may suffice.

A conventional fire alarm may simply be a control panel, a manual call point and a sounder, or it could be a multi-zone panel covering a large building.

The system consists of one or more zones each having either manually operated call points or automatic detection devices, or a combination of both. When the alarm is activated, the zone in which the activation has occurred is shown on the control panel. That enables you to concentrate your search for the cause to a specific area.

A combination of sounders and strobes warns you and others that the fire alarm has been triggered, ensuring a prompt evacuation of the building.

Addressable Systems

If your site is large or the layout of your buildings is more complex, or your risk is regarded as "above normal", a more sophisticated "addressable" system may be more suited to your needs.

Addressable alarm systems give you more precise information on the location of a fire, enabling you to take quicker action to fight the outbreak, and, because they can be programmed to enable partial evacuation of a building, you can avoid the losses to your business of any unnecessary total evacuation.

The system's control panel can store information on testing, maintenance, activations or faults - and an LCD display on the control panel gives easy-to-access information on the system's status.

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