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Video Security

CCTV & Video Security

We offer a wide range of CCTV solutions for both internal and external use to enable you to monitor and record high quality video footage for key risk areas of your business.

CCTV installations can range from a single camera to a complete network of cameras across multiple buildings, all controlled from a single location. We can supply standalone, non-monitored CCTV systems, or those backed up by remote monitoring station, with 24 hour coverage for complete peace of mind. IP surveillance systems that utilise your current network can also be supplied.

Benefits of a monitored CCTV system are that should your security system be breached, the operator can activate an alarm and alert the emergency services or key holders, as well as utilising the technology to follow and record evidence of the breach. A stand-alone system, whilst highly effective at deterring trespassers, will not activate such an immediate response but will provide as much recorded evidence as possible – post event.

We can also integrate Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems and Video Motion Detection with LED Infra-red lighting technology for maximum reliability and image quality.

Covert Cameras

Covert Cameras can be installed either permanently or on a temporary basis depending on your requirements. The installation should be shrewdly considered as they prove extremely useful when you might suspect individuals of committing anti-social behavior or engaging in other suspected unauthorised, unlawful or unwanted activity on your premises.

The Data Protection Act applies to all businesses in the UK. It is important that the design of a system does not interfere with the privacy of your neighbours or members of the public. Our designs will ensure that you are not compromised in the future, and that you have the correct levels of signage visible so that visitors to your site are aware of the operation of CCTV.

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