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Access Control

Access Control

From small businesses to large multi-site corporations covering commercial, industrial, public and retail sectors, we provide complete and effective access control and security management systems.

Access control is an important part of your security strategy, enabling you to control who can enter your building, and what areas are accessible and at what times. Access Control provides a fundamental role in providing absolute security for your employees, assets and intellectual property.

There are also plenty of added benefits to these systems which extend far beyond security control. These can include;

Access Control systems can be as flexible or as strict as required, from allowing access to all areas, to a comprehensive system which can be adjusted according to levels of security across employees and area.

We offer a wide range of systems, incorporating proximity cards, swipe cards, smart cards and Biometric fingerprint technology, all of which can be integrated into the main access control software and hardware.

Different technologies for controlling doors, from simple codes to fobs and proximity cards to smart cards for integrated cashless vending are all available options.

We can offer tailored advice on migrating from old technologies such as mag-stripe, to proximity readers or even biometric solutions.

Intergrated Security Solutions will design a system to accommodate all your requirements and address particular security issues, ensuring the proposals and prices meet with your full expectations and agreement.

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